Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Host your holiday party & socialize with the elite at The Thane Club

Happiness can knock on the door anytime. It can be an unexpected appraisal, fantastic bonus or achieving a major milestone of your career. When such is the case, celebrations have to be unique and the venue just one of a kind. The later is easily fulfilled at the majestic Thane club located opposite to Raheja Garden
So, what kind of parties can you throw at the splendid banquet hall of the Thane club and what are the advantages of it when compared to other clubs in Thane? Let’s find out below:-

1) Company Holiday Party:

If you are a new age entrepreneur with a big team of achievers, It’s always a good idea to throw a great party for the team by financial closing or year end. After all, success has to be celebrated in the most stunning fashion to motivate the team to achieve more. The Thane Club with all the spectacular features and impressive décor sets the mood for a gala time or an evening to remember for all the party people out there.

2) Private Weekend Bash

Thane club reputation clearly expresses various facets of parties, business meets, private get togethers or family celebrations. Among them is the private weekend bash that you can throw at the Thane club. The unstoppable team at Thane club gives a resounding service to you and it is certain to leave your guests stunned. Along with awesome décor, clear lights and seating arrangement, delicious food is a celebrity on its own here.

Inviting all your close associates and friends for the bash can unleash an evening full of lifelong memories at Thane club.

3) Family Get togethers:

You can impress one and all with family get togethers, birthday parties, award ceremonies, bachelor party and much more. The team at Thane club promises another level of excitement, preparation, decoration and the whole aura which can win every heart stepping on to the venue.

The scenic view becomes more elegant the cool blue colored swimming pool nearby. Also, you can also trust the Thane club and the restaurant by the name Masaledaar for lip smacking vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. The mouth watering desserts will win your hearts. Be assured that the food is made with high quality ingredients and follows the best of standards.

Along with the above mentioned party moments, you can celebrate every festival or festive gatherings here at Thane club.  The wonderful women community can also host kitty parties with the women gang. Special program for kids can be organized. Much to the delight of exclusive Thane club members; there are several amazing amenities which can be enjoyed as well. 

Monday, 27 May 2019

3 ways to enjoy a new kind of vacation every day with modern Thane Club

Did you ever wish to stay on for a vacation just a little while longer or have you missed the luxury and lavish amenities that the whole family enjoyed so much? Not anymore. The Thane club, one of the finest clubs with sophistication and plush amenities as its ally promises a vacation like experience every day for you.

If you look at the Thane Club Reputation, it is well established and the members will agree that it has some of the most modern facilities to delight the elite and sets the standards high for anyone who desires a soothing and rejuvenating time every day. So, what makes the Thane club so distinct from other clubs in Thane and which are the 3 ways to enjoy the club facilities every day? Find out in the details below:-

Plan a mini family vacation:

Why drive a long distance when you can find comfort and luxury near you. The Thane club located opposite to Raheja garden in Thane west is a dream destination for a mini family vacation. The exquisite property is filled with facilities to excite the kids and the grownups. So, what are these mind blowing amenities?  These include an Olympic sized swimming pool. On a vacation day, what’s better than a splash in the pool or relax by the crystal clear water while the cool breeze swirls around you. It also offers the chance to teach your kids swimming as well.

The other fantastic place to be in is its vibrant restaurant. Packed with everything delicious, spend a gala time munching on your favorite vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food made by expert chefs.

Gel well with close friends and Associates:

Vacations are all about either family or friends. The Thane club offers exclusive features for you to enjoy with friends unlimited.  Make an adventurous jump into the 25 feet deep swimming pool or you can challenge your best friend for a swimming competition. You can play a high-intensity squash game or badminton.  You can spend a relaxing time at the highly chilled atmosphere of Thane clubfacilities and multiply the happiness and the vacation feels with friends.

Grand Opportunity to Bond with New People:

Solo travelers often love to meet new people and make new friendships. You can do the same thing with the new members of the club. The Thane club ratings are always high because the business class and working professionals develop the bonds, grown stronger and dream teams are built in here. It is obvious that those who play, eat and especially work out together end up being great friends. And the Thane club does give a plethora of option like Squash game, state of the art Gym and dining option to inculcate great relationships among the members of the prolific community.

Either you can enjoy with your family, friends here or make new ones at the club. A Thane club membership indeed provides you wonderful opportunity to breathe new life into your days and see every day as a chance to enjoy like a vacation.

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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Bring on the new age living with Thane Club – Where the elite relax, meet & greet

A busy life is the name of the game today for the people in Mumbai and Thane. And the play is the same for even the elite class. But then somebody once said, ‘Never get so busy that you forget to make a life’. That’s exactly what a place like The Thane Club aims to offer, an unforeseen experience of comfort, entertainment, family time and much more to you. This is where you hang out, socialize and become exclusive with lots of leisure time and happy memories. In other words, here, you make a life worth remembering.

Let ‘s look at 3 major reasons how you can bring on the new age living to busy schedules and life itself at The Thane club and what are the factors of clubbing culture that impacts today’s lifestyle.

The Thane Club

An exclusive space for like-minded people to interact & grow

If you look at the Thane Club Reputation, you will be fascinated to know that exclusivity is something very much at its core. That’s what the business class people love and admire about the clubs in Thane or anywhere else. A place to meet other businessmen, socialize with like-minded individuals, build relationships which may augur well for their personal as well as professional life.

It is like an extension to their office space where long lasting business friendships are forged and people grow professionally. An exclusive club like The Thane Club is the perfect place to achieve these objectives. Therefore, it is interesting to note that such clubs mainly consists of famous business minds, celebrities, sports persons and they all form a vibrant community.

The Thane Club Facilities

Young achievers, enjoy standalone facilities & luxurious amenities

If exclusive space is what drives the experienced folks to enjoy clubs, young minds prefer to enjoy life’s best moments when they walk into a club. After all, there is always a place where you want to throw a big party, celebrate success and have a gala time with your close associates and friends and The Thane clubs turns out to be one.

The splendid features of The Thane Club offer you standalone facilities and amenities as per your taste, hobbies and liking. This certainly gives modern minds the right sense of fulfillment after hectic days of hard work, targets and finally success. It becomes very clear what youngsters like when you take a look at the Thane Club Review & Ratings on the web. The Thane club offers exactly what they desire.

The Thane Club Dining Room

Enriching lifestyle experience for individual and family 

A Thane club membership opens the door to a wide range of top notch amenities like fitness, hospitality, recreation and rejuvenation for you to experience. It is open for individuals as well as for the family with different packages. You can enjoy delicious cuisines with your lovely family or dive into the pool with the kids, a game of Squash with your new friend or sizzling massage session to the end the day at peace.

All these features surely enrich your lifestyle and give an unparalleled experience of new age living like nothing else. For more details, visit